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Choosing Art for the Home - Part 1

Choosing Art for the Home - Part 1

If we've learned anything in the last year, it's how important this place called Home is. Because it has become a place where we come to eat and sleep, a place where we inevitably find ourselves staying for whole days, on the kitchen and bedroom line and between the living room and the zoom in the study. What still makes it an inclusive and pleasant environment? True, the works of art and aesthetics in it. Significant works, building a power wall, proper composition will bring depth, character and beauty to the space. But because art is one of the most important and influential choices in home space design, people tend to approach it seriously. Mistake!

It is recommended to approach the art of the house with ease.

Do it as if you are turning to your hobby or something else you love to do. Do not forget that the goal is to have fun. Out of an intimate acquaintance with you art lovers who visit me, I have compiled some winning tips that will help you make the right decisions for you, make the right choice, and no less important: where to place your favorite work. Ready?


1. Art is like love, just feel it - Follow your art!

Did you "fall in love" with the work? Because art is not just beauty, it is character. Believe in the initial instinct, because most of the time it will lead you to the right choice. Most of us are perfectionists who want our home to be the most beautiful and that is why we are confused by the abundance and let the intelligence interfere. But guess what: in art there are no mistakes. Trust yourself. More than once I have met clients who have come to the studio when in their imagination they already know which work they have chosen, and then they turn around and ponder for a long time, until they finally return to the first one, which came from the heart and for which they came.

2. Courage

There is no one truth and that is the beautiful thing in design, aesthetics and certainly in art. It is precisely in the choice of art that will accompany us that there is room to dare. Because choice has to convey your passion and who you are. Sometimes, thinking outside the box is the one that will make your home look special and is the one that will catch you. Go with the truth, because your home is not a coffee-fest of something you saw in one magazine or design group or another online. This is your home and it is required to represent who you are. True, trends and tendencies are not something that can be ignored, but on the other hand, a classic with a good story will stay forever. Always prefer a warm, embracing, comfortable authentic design with a character and story to which you connect.

Beauty does not set boundaries - and your home is a collection of the same things that end up connecting to the one pay, which is greater than the sum of its parts. Do not worry that the hands of the clock do not fit the sofa, or that the picture does not fit the kitchen handles. Did you like them? Go for it.

3. Choose the right size and proportions.

Adjusting the dimensions and size of the works is critical in choosing art for the home, and they should be coherent to the type of wall and space. Although here too I can reassure you, it is also a very intuitive matter. Everything is open! On the one hand you can choose small works that correspond to this and create a kind of 'gallery wall' full of life and are also always the preferred option for smaller walls. On the other hand, large and spacious spaces or central spaces in the house "seek" one large, dramatic and dominant work that creates a "wall of power" with a significant impact.

On the one hand, a great work maintains precise minimalism and on the other hand, "steals" the whole show. The large works are suitable for a variety of walls, but the main demand is mainly for the living room - the back of a sofa, the dining room wall, which is the gathering place for the family and the guests who "want" one work, of impressive size.

And what about narrow walls? For narrow and longitudinal walls, works that come in a longitudinal format are more suitable. For example our macrame or the potted jewelry that floats as a jewel and incorporates the green of the potted plants.

Length pictures and even creations from the XL collection that can be hung lengthwise or width wise will give a breathtaking effect in transverse walls seeking a large piece.

4. Composition

In life it's all a matter of submission and composition that is reflected in every aspect of our lives. Proper composition of a work or several works on the wall is a critical component in the choice of art. Even the space created on the wall is important, and of course the design and the way you hang the pieces.

This is the first chapter in our series of tips. To be continued....

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