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Choosing Art for the Home - Part 2

Choosing Art for the Home - Part 2

"So how do we decide which piece is right for us out of so many"?

"And to what place"?

"And in what composition?"

In honor of the "Personal Friday" event that came to us just in time, (the corona is not, but what to do) we listen to your need to focus and pinpoint the choice of art for your home, and invite for one-on-one counseling (or one or the whole family :) with smiles under masks. We want to make you smile. to feel.

To be successful it turns out that you should do your homework. No, it's not a test, but the more cohesive you are, the more you will be complete with your eternal choice. Yes. Our works strive to be above time, and above place.

Here are the five winning tips from a sea of ​​experience and love and from the delicate and special bond that has been forged with so many customers. Following the first chapter on choosing art for the home.

So obviously the most personal, is to feel with you, the space / home, the "Wave" and your unique character

So that your home will be the story you want to live, feel and express. This house is not four walls. In the deepest sense, of love, of harmony, of giving and receiving,

 And there is nothing to do, a house with Glyphs on the walls, it's much much beyond :)



Which of you is addicted to series? In Corona Time, most of us.

But not on Netflix, but in art.

Series of two or three pictures / works are an integral part and identified with our work. And as usual, it comes from a place full of deep thought - design, artistic and emotional. Beyond the fact that the series has logic that creates language, harmony, power and power, dialogue and twist, I believe that even on the deeper level, the two are always better than the one, and the three even better!

There is strength and power "together."

Together. How much dialogue, power and love there is in it. Creating the "duet".

The creation of Origami Birds by Studio Glyphs, is one of the most prominent works and it is no doubt also because they come in a trio. Three-dimensional birds, designed in a floating bending technique, each bird is in a different flight position and together they create a story and embroider beauty on the wall. Because they come in a series, they can fit many types of walls, because you can "play" with their composition. In the studio there are many works that can be combined, or create a mix & mach.

6.Colors // or rather, intelligent use of smart colors.

Anyone who has been following us for years and knows my artistic thesis knows that I as a creator advocate monochromatic art. Lots of black, gold, white, rusty-rusty. Color and power without excessive color. There is an understatement in this and the motto is: reduce to expand. Does not allow content and form to speak. It is important that a work does not get tired or bored, that it does not have an expiration date, and especially that it has character. Customers say they throw away colorful pictures they had at home and want a monochromatic creation as a piece of jewelry. The bright colors are often restless. Those who are afraid of monochromatic colors -

It is important to remember, the life itself in the house, the textiles, the rugs, the books, the green of the pots, the dishes and the accessories, are colorful enough. Our work stands out in its material presence and intelligent use of color.

The 3D, light and shadow are present without overloading or making noise. Iron is powerful enough when it comes as it is - rusted, as gold, or black jewelry.

שלשיית תמונות עלים על רקע קיר צבעוני

7 . A house is a story without words.

Each house has its own story, its own character depending on the tenants who live in it. There are many types of art that can all "fit" into the same space and the sky is the limit and intuitions and emotional connection to the work are the important conditions. Once one is freed from paradigms, and comes with passion there is an exact connection and choice.

8. Styling - design accessories, sculptures and accessories.

As they always say "God is in the small details", the right accessory, sculpture or accessories will always upgrade the space and give the "wow" effect. A combination of artistic sculptures on a shelf or on a library creates interest and constitutes a statement vibe, refreshing and enriching the home.

פסל של אישה עם פרח על מדף

9.Design "style"

Today there are lots of settings, modern, Danish, rustic, eclectic and more. I personally am not in favor of definitions, but I do recommend drawing in my head the style to which the occupants of the house are more connected and go out there to design and choose the art and accessories. It is recommended to build an inspiration board that will guide and illustrate the vision. The house is like a declaration of who you are, a collection of experiences and objects, at the same time it is important to create a line, style and language that will run like a second thread, unite art and prevent "clutter in the eyes"

10. Who is hiding behind the mask? The artist.

It's hard to love a work if you do not love those behind it. An initial and emotional connection to the artist produces a deeper connection to his works in your homes. Understanding the background from which it was created, the language that is woven, the technique and the depth behind the work as identified with the artist is a primary element in the connection to the work itself. It is true that art is "in the eye of the beholder" but the eyes of the creator are important and create a deeper emotional connection.


אני, לצד הפרוטוטייפ של ״הכל בראש״. מהיום הראשון נחשפתי ושיתפתי את השכבות והרבדים בתוכה. חומר ורוח. אני מביאה לתוך היצירה וחושפת את התהליכים, הלך החשיבה, הפואטיקה והמחשבות שקדמו ונאצרו בתוכן. אני חושבת שזה חלק גדול מהחיבור של אנשים ליצירות שלנו.11.The haste from the devil.

Moving house, entering a new home, choosing a living room, furniture, are just the beginning, because what makes a home individual and alive is the art. The average time people come to the studio after moving into a new home / apartment is a minimum of one year to five years or more.

Interior designers, I hear quite a bit, are fighting with their clients and insisting that while the pocket has been emptied, a house without art is like a body without a soul. Art and styling are not the icing on the cake, they are the whipped cream itself. The house really comes to life and there is atmosphere, wealth and warmth.

My recommendation is that if there is no money - wait. This wall is no longer a "closing" corner, and if you lack a budget, it's better to wait and choose an art you really like than a whirlwind and we're done. Do not compromise on cheap or characterless art. Your home is a statement, it is your appearance, make sure you love what you see in it.

Home is an emotion, it is life and it affects you on many different levels and the feeling of this emotional synchronization is created by art.

Rome was not built in one day - there is beauty in collecting:


There's a beauty in "bleaching" the house. Collect items that identify with them. The beauty also lies in this search, which slowly builds your puzzle, and no less, the emotional connection. The piece should move something in your heart. Also, your functionality and quality of life are also important.


The first question is: Do I want to live with this piece? Do I have an emotional connection to her in an authentic way? For me, as a creator, there is a real need that when they look at the work at home, it will speak to the viewer, without words. It is a very powerful force. The works deal with who we are, what we go through, sometimes in hidden conflict and sometimes also illuminate the way to a place of light. The work is another tool to bring and understand ourselves, it is observation and inspiration and it speaks for itself, the beauty is that you can always see more and more angles in it.

And now? Now you only have to choose. And it's really just, it's magic, it's pleasure and passion. Go with your dreams :)