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Size also determines

Size also determines

A sense of sanctity, that's what I experienced when I sat down under this piece, a moment after they finished hanging it on the wall. I do not even know what is this thing that gives her so much power. Maybe it's her huge size and the strong presence she instills in space. Perhaps it is these lines that infuse on the one hand a geometric duality that complements itself, and on the other hand a forward movement, like a secret energy that seeks to break through. Like the sun kissing the horizon, or perhaps the arches that once were in the sky, and once were the impressive architecture of houses of worship.

The bows in general are a motif that I really like. I am talking about a rainbow in the sense of Rainbow, because this amazing natural phenomenon is for me a symbol of renewal and hope. One of the secrets of the rainbow is that it is not fully revealed to us. You may not know it, but if you look at it from space, the rainbow is a round thing, but we humans who stand on the earth are always seen in the form of only part of a circle, i.e. the same famous geometric rainbow. This is how I am in my life, when I want to see the sun after the rain, I always try to see the full picture, not the one seen from the low place. I think high.

So in these arches of mine, I do not even know where it begins and where it ends, but it's like I tore some piece from eternity and turned it into a temple for all the arts in the world.

Maybe that's why it's just a few days after I first published it, I've received excited inquiries from people around the world who have been exposed to it, and already know on what power-wall in their house they want to place this work, which even there is no longer there.

They asked me "How much will it cost me to get this piece? I want it." And I had no answer. They offered insane prices. "I do not work like that" I told them. "You yourself may be rich, but I want this piece to be in the possession of everyone it touched. Let me think ..." Because it must be a fair price. I do not want it to stop only with those for whom money is not personal. My art is one that seeks to touch, to approach the capillaries of emotion - not to scare, to repel, to condescend.

Hi, I'm Meirav, and I'm proud today, that this wonderful piece is a kind of record for me, and not just a piece of the eternity of us all, but also a piece of my own private soul.