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Every creator or artist has this thing with which he broke out and will always be identified with him. In glyphs, it's of course the birds.

Every creator or artist has this thing with which he broke out and will always be identified with him. In glyphs, it's of course the birds.

So what's the connection between Will Smith, Birds, Art and Success?

And how is it that from a tiny, anonymous studio the size of a room inside a gray industrial plant that makes electronics boxes Glyphs has become one of the most unique art and design houses in the country?

To understand, I went back 5 years. For starters. To the birds with which we broke. Two weeks ago, I went in to wake my 9-year-old mother, watched the birds and dropped a token. They are no longer accurate for us. They are flat. In 2015 it was excellent and they are still beautiful, which strengthened my understanding of how intuitive our works were from the beginning.

No, this is not Ema  my daughter, but this is the sweet daughter of blogger IRA KHRAKOVSKY alongside the birds of the beginning.

I realized that they need to be amplified in a three-dimensional technique, to experience levitation and ascension through the material that serves the mind and meaning.

As a result, I had a lot of memories from the beginning and flashbacks. In Double Mining. Flash is a powerful spark of light and really, there is nothing more accurate than describing the feeling I had when I started creating. As if someone turned on the light inside me and from there there is no going back.

When we created the birds something powerful happened. A wide spectrum of emotions flooded and touched and I saw that we were not alone. A good work is a work that touches. Seeps into the capillaries of the observer's soul, into his exposed nerves, penetrates under his skin and transmits a vibration. A good work is one that inspires. People longed to embrace the birds into their hearts, bring them home, and connect to the immediate and universal associations associated with them. For freedom, for flight, for soaring. fly.

The refining of all meanings together is the understanding that a bird is the beast that breaks the strongest force in the universe, gravity, shatters it and does the impossible: fly.



The classic birds in the 2020 version. New dimensions of aviation.

And this episode is about birds. I could fill it with hundreds of inspirational sentences and you also wrote to us when we asked to tell what inspiration they give you and it is exciting how much connection and longing we have for them. But I have no interest in engaging in papers or empowerment theorems of gurus. I'm a simple person.

More interesting to tell my true personal story to inspire that if I succeeded, all of you can.

There is no supreme mystical reason here, excessive self-confidence or accidental luck that happens to individuals of virtue. The opposite. The bird that falls the most, is the one that flies the highest.

Then Facebook reminded me of a Will Smith video I plowed through at the beginning that seemed almost impossible - kept with me in the history of exactly 5 years ago. And in them, in these truths lie all the answers to the success of Glyphs. About this blog. Will Smith talks about it and for me it's exactly the birds and our story and yours:

"I think there is a certain trait in people who are successful.
They believe that something different is going to happen and go all the way.
Being realistic is the sure path to mediocrity
Why should we be realistic?
It is unrealistic to enter a room and pick up a switch and lights that open
Thankfully Edison did not think so
He tried a thousand times and in the end succeeded. "

This is exactly the bird that does the impossible and flies.

untitled image

And here is the abstract version in the one line technique.

But why did I make so much noise from the first birds? First of all, shock.
As soon as we announced an operation behind which there was simply a desire to flip them to peace in order to move on to the next version there was an onslaught on an inconceivable scale. Hundreds of birds were sold within a day.

Refine them for some reason it took me longer than creating a huge new creation or a big project we created them hundreds, anew.

I took this work very seriously. They have undergone an evolution that is in the small details that make the difference between heaven and earth, literally.

As I develop as a person and as a creator and deepen in understanding life, and as the studio grows so I go down to both small and large resolutions.

Although Glyphs grew to wide scales and consciousness but I did not lose the aura, passionate passion and intoxicating spark of the piece. I treat the little one with the same precision and love as the big one.

On Wednesday, just when the new birds were ready and everything was already filmed and ready for publication I decided in the middle of the night after further observation that something needed to be fixed. There's no way I'll leave something imperfect, especially when it comes to coveted birds.

So I went at the last minute to a remote factory after asking while convincing that it was almost burning like the prime minister's speech announcing the condition of the corona that produced me a new bird corrected from moment to moment because we promised to launch them and must pinpoint it while projects and a thousand things happen in the studio. Most of them said "impossible today" so I just drove south and sat on their heads until it happened. Yes. I do not have in the system to "give up" something I believe in. It's burning in me.

And while traveling, I had a lot of memories from the beginning. When no one understood what I was doing. I was sitting in a gray metal factory for industrial needs that was making suitcases and boxes for computers and I started creating. No one understood why I get up every morning and what the pressure is and that there is no money in it and I "interfere" with them working on "real" things.

I looked at materials I had collected in the beginning period, words that gave me strength. I believed in something no one understood.

A photo I saved from 2015. Exactly what I felt.

I was this bird in prison who wanted to fly and dream of something different and big.

Who is this bird that wants to fly
And tell her to stop dreaming and go back to work with the tenure, the salary, the pots and the slippers?

At first, it was like tasting the forbidden fruit.

I chose this image from the story of paradise because at first I did something on the edge of the "forbidden."

I was treated as the "snooze" that interfered with "work." But me? There was a vision and a crazy passion and I really believed. The work came from me at night, in dreams, in wanderings, in driving, in experiences, in pain, in music I heard, in a huge thirst to learn a world unfolding before me, the world of art, design and especially the floor of iron production while poetics and meaning flowed from my fingertips.

In the oldest family factory in the country that my father-in-law built and I drove him crazy. believe me. But he had no choice. I researched according to the needs of the work the technique and the machines, the welding work and the manual bending to fulfill each challenge.

I did not even perceive myself as a special talent but the opposite. I was ashamed of myself. I was told I was too perfectionist and got upset about another prototype that did not sit well with my eye on the inch I wanted to reproduce. Most of you who do not know the world of industry and iron do not understand what it is like to put even one unit into production. It's stop an entire production line. So it was for another "whim" of Meirav. You do not understand why the creation of a "custom immediately" is even minimal. Because producing one unit is a project like two hundred. And it's less "lucrative", it disrupts a production line, half a working day because around it there is a whole time of inserting the files into computers, special production that delays and requires tuning a machine to a millimeter accuracy, converting files and canceling expensive cutting time.

But I took the liberty to create and even to argue and convince everyone around me that in the end I would succeed and conquer the world. For them I spoke like a girl with dreams. But the simplicity of the erupting authenticity and the fact that it was a family enterprise (dedicated with love to Ephraim Ringel Hami).

vAn authentic picture from 2018 on the day of the move to the new studio, after the journey we went through together, Ephraim is proud of me and excited about the move from the tiny studio near the factory, to the handsome and spacious studio in Tel Aviv. Crazy circle closing.

A picture from 2015. When I look at myself then, you can see how determined I was to believe that it was possible to convince everyone around me of something that was unrealistic at the time or in a more precise sentence, "a tedious waste of time that came out of nowhere." Where did I get my strength from? Even I do not believe.


I remembered how to promote things and ideas I would travel at night to the factory and work. Watching for hours on machines that make my dreams come true. I was impressed by everything. I saw in the gray and black iron something that no one had seen and I could watch for hours on the laser that out of a huge fire and rays of light sketched images and beauty that I had conceived. To this day by the way. The factory is my home. The dirty production floor is the purest, crudest and cleanest thing for me.

I remembered the doors I knocked apprehensively to display my creations with a shiver in my throat. In leading design houses in the country. Before every meeting or phone I was insanely insecure, but the madness also made me not give up an inch to accomplish another goal and when I started talking in a shaky voice, it slowly got stronger as I connected to myself from my stomach, my heart, my bleeding guts to break out. I believed. And it gave me strength to go through mountains and valleys of falls, contempt and despair.

I did not rationally understand why I see things that no one notices, why from a gray iron tin I see a treasure.

And why I know when it's it. (My first sign that I wanted to take the piece home and to this day is my sign when something succeeds)

The creative intuition was immature but I felt I was going to do the next thing.

I believed it would be a hit. I recognized from a distance what people recognized a lot after me. Slowly I felt that when I really believe in something, and for me it is always "real", the voice suddenly does not tremble but gets excited and when there is an agenda and joy my skills rise at a dizzying pace and catch others with a twinkle in the eye and after about a year. A year of lots of disappointments, a year where the heart was broken a million times and a dictionary and one time I thought of giving up, came the swallows of success.

Slowly people started noticing me.

After about a year. The swallows of success have arrived.


On Madonna, at her birthday celebrations, Raz Shechnik said: "She is not the best vocalist, not more beautiful than many singers but the ability to put her finger on the next exciting thing, crazy ambition along with daring and boundlessness created the most influential and successful singer in history.

To this day I have a spring that is not elusive but clear as the sun, to identify which work will succeed and which will not. It's a gift from heaven. I'm really not a Madonna. But many people evoke in me identification and a model for life.

I remembered two strong sentences that accompanied me and probably my friends here from the beginning remember that I made iron signs out of them

1. "Everything you want is on the other side of fear"

I knew that where the fear was, there were the dreams. And I got into them.

Strong truth from fear

People who want to succeed

Having big dreams

Succeeding at hours upon hours of hours of working on your passion.

There is no easy way to do it

There is no elevator to success

You have to take the stairs'

I worked, all the time and everywhere, but I did not feel. That it is work, but passion. That's the secret.

2. Design your life

'I want to represent an idea that there is power in making a choice instead of feeling that you are the result of things happening to you.

Make a choice. You decide

Decide who you are going to be and how you are going to do it. 'Once I have decided, for me it has already been done. "

This is exactly it:

 A sentence I made into an iron-engraved sign that probably my fellow designers and my fellow designers remember to this day. Some of you have it at home as a collectible item. But in the deepest sense, it has to do with the fact that only we can shape our lives by believing in ourselves and simply deciding, performing and living what we believe in.

From the beginning, everything I did was like he was the only one and had to be perfect. I did bold things, kicking photos, and shot in all directions. It is said that in order to achieve success, one has to start walking, without a clear plan to the end and while walking among the stars the path unfolds by itself and becomes clear.

And she brightened and sparkled. To the art that today is the language of life of the studio.

 From the first photo session with my best friend Iko Franco, who was also a photographer and later became the director of the studio. I believe in connecting people and always enlist in Glyphs people who are made of similar materials. I, lying in an old bath and with my hand engraved in iron the strongest thing in the universe we all need: love. To this day I research love. Many of my works deal with it in countless variations. Is the basis for any creation. Even if it's the birds that come in the band, there are almost no single pieces, not only because as a composition on the wall they have more impact and twist but from the clear understanding that "together" will always be stronger than "alone".

A souvenir from the gorgeous jewelry collection and the dripping productions of style, which stood out in the landscape completely and lo and behold, the bird.

I did a lot, free from restrictive paradigms of how "design or art should look" and fell in love with every piece. Perfectionism (which at first everyone hated, began to be my advantage. The disadvantage that was the object of ridicule is today the trait that makes Glyphs what she is).

Do not let anyone step on your dreams.

Your dreams are who you are.

I created in the material as it is. No unnecessary embellishments, no colors or dramas. I discovered that raw iron has an unflattering power that when it comes in contact with a wall, a magic happens that cannot be ignored. One of the breakthroughs for example was the trio of cacti that to this day are relevantly and eternally relevant, and of course the birds.

I thought out of love, I drew, researched techniques and created. Just as it sounds.

From my drawing within two days they were ready. We've fine-tuned the twists, and that's it. I had the freedom to release works that I was complete with up to the millimeter level. This was before the trend that swept the world. I just loved cacti. And they have meaning for human beings.

A trio of cactus pictures. A symbol of Israeliness.

I checked and searched all over the world and saw that no one did what I did from iron before me. That I have another language unlike any other. The style was intuitive even before I knew how to explain what I was doing in words.

I cracked a formula even before I realized how far it could go.

The language of aesthetics is embedded in my mind that seeks and finds inspiration in everything.

"I do not want to be blind to the beauty of the world as long as I live" by Nathan Zach I chose to hang as an iron sign at the entrance to the studio very recently.

Our Aviv hangs the sign at the entrance to the studio. Look how the shadow and the light fall on the words we engraved in iron, by Nathan Zach.

My almost masculine attraction to beauty to this day is growing stronger and the studio does everything in-house — from the little story to the huge project.

'When we are seriously striving for something and concentrating entirely on achieving it, fate always helps us

Progress". Elizabeth Height.

From projects from the west to the wings of birds. Interior design: Lauren Peretz

Then the imitators arrived. But it is impossible to emulate something original.

Today, metal art has become a "field." I rub my eyes and grin. Obviously everyone wants to touch successfully. In this elusive thing that can not be restored but to be "near."

So birds copy and try to recreate a state of mind of creation and even use my words for inspiration.

And it is understandable that truth does not lie. And everyone wants to touch something real that becomes engraved in iron.

Glyphs and Birds is not a quote from another book or a beautiful picture.

This is our story. And we will always want to go further, higher and most importantly, out of freedom to be, but exactly who we are and convey to you that it is possible and worthwhile, to fly.

So here it is.

My ending candy: the legendary Will Smith.