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Less Is More Vs. Less Is Bore

Less Is More Vs. Less Is Bore

Every good art is born out of conflict, dilemma, or if you will from the breaking point. One of the conflicts that feeds me as an artist and also balances and complements me is the one that exists between two different approaches in architecture

Less Is More


Less Is Bore

Of course this debate is also true for the world of design, art, fashion and in general, for life itself. After all, even in Judaism there are two proverbs - so-called contradictions - side by side. One is all that adds a subtraction and in front of him all the more is it fine. There is no right or wrong here. It's just a matter of attitude, and sometimes timing as well. Because on the one hand overload makes us noise in the eyes and obscures the serenity and on the other hand minimalism is sometimes cold, boring and difficult.

As for me, here I say: "Clean" design makes me anti. sometimes. Because cleaning is part of the cleaning cabinet under the kitchen sink. And it's not that I do not value cleanliness and organization. I know this is the basis for most things. But as for the design? Not so much for art. Here daring and character are the names of the game.

But you have noticed that everyone today is suddenly doing the same minimalist, quiet, restrained line. And "clean." But instead of the erupting human beauty, whose secret lies in the small flaws, we get soulless anemia, which for me takes out a bit of the urge to live. Sorry for the drama. I'm like that. Get used to it.

I find in the house an embracing and containing place. Soft and pampering. Live and throbbing. real! One that has warmth and love in it. Home is like a mother. And someone's mom here was as perfect and clean as a Swedish dresser in a magazine?

So that's exactly what we're doing in Glyphs. Combines the two worlds. I like to take the "cold", precise and minimalist iron and breathe life, tenderness, emotion, story and meaning into it. First of all - the meaning.