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A pair of mesmerizing and powerful sculptures.

The pair of sculptures combine diverse sources of inspiration, from postmodern currents to elements from the East and the West that create a fascinating and complete mosaic that is larger than the sum of its parts.

Together, the sculptures create a work that expresses the person's being more whole when he is surrounded by love.

The work is full of emotion and romance and yet in the same breath with minimalism and sophistication.

 It is recommended to combine together to complete the look both artistic design and from the artistic manifesto that draws inspiration from the great philosophers on the importance of love in our lives, starting from the famous sentence:
"It's not good to be alone" and ended with all the love songs that have been written since time immemorial.

*The price is for a pair.

Woman | 33 *18.5 cm | 12.9 * 7.2 inches
Man | 33*18.5 cm    | 12.9 * 7.2 inches