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A geometric piece that produces a minimalist and powerful duet.

This piece's charm is found in the rich and deceptive play between the materials from which it is made. On the one hand, the powerful metal that radiates seeming opacity, and on the other hand the Plexiglas, which brings the colorful and airy dimension of transparency.

Plexiglas is a material that produces spectacular reflections, which allow the rays of light to penetrate it and have fun in the space. Facing this symbol of optimism, the iron brings cleanliness and directness, until together they create a rare mix & match.

Hanging the piece on the wall is just convenient. During it, we will use special spacers that keep it away from the wall and compare a stunning three-dimensional layered look.
*The price for a pair is 2,800 NIS

Rectangle - 66*92 cm |  25.9*36.2 inches

Semicircle - 55*112 cm | 24*44 inches