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Art is the place where love is recognized as an emotion that also has a certain dependence on another person, who is the object of love. As the poet Zelda once put it beautifully: "Shlomi is tied in a string to your peace."

The double POWER COUPLE creation also corresponds with and touches on this wonderful weakness, using a variety of sources of inspiration to enhance each of the details in the visual duality that plastic art has given us. The work can also be seen in its use in Western postmodern currents in the face of the elements that draw from Eastern culture. These create a fascinating mosaic, which as in the human relationship and in submissive love, the two make up a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

The technique we used combines bending the material for a three-dimensional look, which on the wall gives a feeling of levitation paved with gold tiles inlaid with the artist's personal touch.

Comes to say, a person should recognize the fact that his mental peace involves the movements of the one he loves. The mindset behind this work is that love, as much as it binds two together, strengthens the individual as a whole, and not for nothing is it the source of great power in the universe.


77*63 cm | 30.8*25 inches