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Excited to launch the creation of the RAINBOW V2 in a magical and exciting new version

The work belongs to the PERSPEX ART COLLECTION series

A pair of mesmerizing works that combine iridescent shapes and beautiful dialogue. The arches are both a distinct architectural motif and as a metaphor that expresses the peace, calm and beautiful colors of the arch after the flood and storm.
A magical combination of metal and Plexiglas in earth and sea colors. A beauty that does not need words. (Pay attention to the harmonious colors, in the version of the colors of the earth and the sea - light, transparent brown, and blue-gray)
After the rain, after the flood, she always comes. A work full of beauty and optimism in beautiful powder colors.

Can be bought as a pair or individually, please specify which one, although as a pair they are a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts.


Width 92 cm Height 70 cm | Width 36.2 inches Height  27.5 inches