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A mesmerizing, rich, and timeless work thanks to the icons, the temporary materials and the sources of inspiration from the currents of modern art.

The beauty of the work is the most prestigious shell of the basic thing and hit simple: when we create our art we seek to bring things back to life through other materials. In this work, the lines are overly clean and minimalist, typical of the Glyphs, but in fact they are a refinement of a refined show of modern art full of sophistication but at the same time uses a refined abstraction of the objects of inspiration associated with the studio - the rainbow / sun. Hope even at sunset, and the most classic icon, the black circle that represents to our eyes the moon guarding from above.

And above all, it is etched in luxurious brass gold, the horizon.

Because the horizon symbolizes our hope in life, which is the most important commodity for the human being, optimism. From there the road, dreams and beauty become reality and the beauty of the river can only be seen to the horizon, and from there one can only imagine. Then the sky is not the limit.

But most importantly, it is beyond the fact that the work is minimalist. In addition, a lot of thought was invested in the correct spaces for the viewer's interpretation. So from here, take it wherever you want, a warm recommendation from us, first home and from there to the horizon :)


Width 180 cm Height  77cm | Width 70.8 inches Height 30.3 inches