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A work of art with a strong personality that confronts us with our true nature and draws strong inspiration from the cornerstones of biology - cell theory. The core principle of biology becomes a work of art.

The work also deals with an optimistic emotional interpretation of biology and nature. The work emphasizes our need to return to simplicity, to the inner rhythm of nature, to our most primitive and authentic connection. That is why it is called Organism.

According to Meirav's view which rests on sources of inspiration such as the Wabi Sabi, knowing that we are part of an infinite whole of nature, helps us to reach reconciliation and reconciliation with ourselves and our lives.

Cell theory refers to the beautiful genius and duality and glorifies the beautiful conflict - the fact that we are all one living tissue, but in fact, even within our species, we are all so different.

Another position offered by the artwork is that the cells do not live forever. They disintegrate and divide but this is how new cells are formed. The work connects to the genius that nature entails, the renewal and disintegration of which we are a part and offers an optimistic position on ourselves. Every cell that creates a crack or disintegration, is renewed by itself in the form of the gold that symbolizes the daughter of life of us all.

That is to say, life creates life and is constantly renewed while others crumble. The golden daughter that is in all of us brings with it reconciliation with ourselves, with the Diane Islands with whom we came into the world, and every disintegration brings with it also renewal, there is no such thing without it.

The creative technique expresses the layers of life. The first layer, the black iron represents the cells which are imperfect, or symmetrical, are faithful to the source, to nature as it is

The first layer of the work represents the structure of the cell and stands out through the mosaic that makes it up as a kind of portrait of ourselves, with the cracks which change and disintegrate all the time.

The golden layer symbolizes the renewal, the legacy we will leave, our mark in the world, thanks to the desire for knowledge, bringing offspring and striving for the meaning we will leave behind as a kind of beautiful jewel that represents the optimism that comes after the breakup.

The cracks in the work are the cell, and beneath it the layer of gold


Width 100 cm Height  90 cm | Width 39.3 inches 35.4 inches