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Art & Love = NOT SALE

Glyphs is a studio of artists and creators headed by Meirav Ringel.
Out of ideology and love the studio maintains
affordable and equal prices for everyone. 
The whole of the essence of the studio is an antithesis to assumptions from,
first and foremost: L-O-V-E
Like the pieces, we keep our prices authentic and achievable.
Our love is evident in the deep connection with the customers
who return again and again.
It is simply due to our attention and desire to plant meaning
and light within your homes.
Art and discount are two lines that will never meet.
Art is the line of eternity and meaning that remains relevant and improves over time, as opposed to assumptions that are assimilated out of seasonal relevance. Of collections that change and "disappear" at end-of-season prices.
The season and time of art is more relevant than ever and everlasting.