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Welcome to the world of GLYPHS

Glyphs Studio, for art and design in metal and iron. living, innovative, universal Israeli art, full of power, beauty and character. 
A mesmerizing three-dimensional form and power, accompanied by an in-depth inner manifest and sensitive creative meaning.
Between passion and art, people and design - that's where we are. Our pieces are within the infinite range that iron allows, the boundaries of the material are stretched. Our art translates our concept, thoughts, ideas and fantasies into a dominant and tangible product. Behind Glyphs stands Meirav Ringel, a creator, explorer and dreamer. 
Meirav says: "I do not think of art when I create, I think of life".
Glyphs artistic mindset was created into a discourse. Our art is incomplete without the words and the creative process that is exposed and authentic.