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Our Values

I see a fine line in my work, you might also call it a language, in which is drawn and goes through all the things I design and this line, which has no hump and no sky, for there is no limit to creation and passion, have turned lately its direction. Art can come in many forms, and design as well, in any type of creation really, but I see something powerful in an art that is hanging on a wall. When you hang something on your wall, it means you declare your love, about your faith, about your art. Art is the pulse of the home. It's DNA, it is the added value that makes your home, only yours.
Many times, we find something that is influential to us, a sentence, a dear person, a poem, an inspirational art theorem and we say the phrase, "frame and save." As if by that, we treasure them. Like love. We want these things to be a part of us, a part of our lives.
This place of "frame and save" is where I want my art to be. not in a pretentious way, but in a way of reverence passion and emotion.
I strive to make an emotional and aesthetic connection between my art pieces to its owner, so that this choice of art will reflect their passions at their homes.
The past year I have felt the thirst of people, to find meaning in something that will keep them alive strong and bright. Entering into people's hearts through art is the pinnacle of every artist's happiness, said . The art pieces share a three dimensional dialogue, thanks to the bending qualities of the metal
Glyphs art is not overpowering, it is dominant but enabling, same as a loved one who knows exactly how to love.
The hardness of the laser cut iron on one hand and the hollow places on the wall from the other, creates a quiet and smart pieces that gives room for air. The emotional meaning that finds me most satisfied in my art is the spirit of poetic that each and everyone of my pieces holds. It is simply art of the heart