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John Wingstone the Seagull written by Richard Bach said: Do not believe only in the sight of your eyes. All you will see there is just the border. You have to look at the power of thought, there you will discover all the things you already know and there you will find the way to fly.

This beautiful piece of iron came into the world inspired by the wings of the soul that we all have, and the magic that lies within it is that it can be hung on the wall at home in the freedom of your personal imagination. You choose who will lead and who will love, who will soar and who will dive.


The Seagulls' love duet takes off and creates an atmosphere of harmony in the space and gives the house and its inhabitants wings. In clean lines, in the one line technique of our seagulls silhouette raises a chicken, far to see and in its constant and three-dimensional aspiration to detach from the wall and fly when you have the power by bending in Free Spirit inwards or outwards, the seagulls create a crazy three-dimensional The simple power of things and the power of love.

A beautiful and impressive set of a pair of seagulls in the ONE-LINE technique in two different flight modes, and with a three-dimensional appearance.

The birds are made of laser-cut metal, in high-quality black paint.
Hanging is done using nails.

Dimensions: Width: 70 cm | 27.5 inches