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This is one of the significant works of our art house. We love the Bauhaus style whose values ​​are assimilated into the life of the White City - Tel Aviv, as well as a variety of arts and design styles.

Indeed, the Bauhaus is known mainly as an architectural style, but it is a doctrine whose ideology has also spilled over into interior design, furniture and modern art. As an Israeli art studio, Glyphs artists feel a strong connection and a great love for style.

In this work, we leaned on the basic lines of the Bauhaus and also added to them a pair of cypress trees, which place it in the local Israeli space and strive for nostalgic simplicity.

This compliment-picking work is made in a "floating" and three-dimensional technique and in a little while it becomes a captivating, inspiring and dominant stone in every space in which it is placed.


Width 70 cm | 27.5 inches

Height 54 cm | 21.2 inches