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Cactus XL


This trio of our cacti has long been one of the icons associated with Studio Glyps. The composition, the language as well as the simplicity and symbolism of the place, create an art that stands above time, and is as durable and eternal as the sabra.

This is the favorite version of the combination of cactus pictures in a limited and extra large edition, designed for larger walls and giving the space a strong sense of ground and home.

The sabra has become not only our autonomous image as countrymen, but also implies that we may be thorny on the outside and have a menacing appearance, but on the inside we are soft and our fruits are sweet. Along with the birds, this iron work is also considered to be the art detail most identified with the studio and we are proud of it. Over the years it has become a breakthrough and a source of inspiration and imitation for many art houses around the world.

The images are made of laser-cut iron in a high-quality color, which creates a formal presence and a three-dimensional effect, and their presence gives the space a presence of quiet power, which leaves an extraordinary impression on the observer.


37 * 31 cm - 40* 40 cm - 46* 25 cm  | 14.5 *12.2 inches - 15.7 *15.7 inches -18.1*9.8 inches

Cactus XL