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A wonderful shot that embodies the worldview of the studio, led by the creator Meirav Ringel, whose name implies not only her name, but also her personality that is portrayed in this spectacular artistic portrait of the human psyche.

The gold layer reflects Meirav's love for gold as a symbol of light and glory, which together with the meaning of her last name (Ringel), sanctifies the ring as a symbol of love, commitment and prestige. "It's a work that symbolizes the DNA of all of us, not just mine."

The heart of the work Golden Ringel is of course the gold in a jeweled show in the natural rust coating - which has become a prestigious architectural symbol - in a perforated and powerful show. And on the front, the black of course, representing the transience of Glyphs. The work strives for eternity, like the sun, beyond the boundaries of space.

And so Meirav writes of the work: 'This work is a product of weeks of handwork, which includes rust and my custom assembly. Therefore, each work will necessarily be unique and different from its predecessor. It is also my personal tribute to groundbreaking and inspiring works from the field of modernism, the Bauhaus movement, art in the service of technology and the authenticity of the Wabi-Sabi stream, which together become a spectacular and stunning mosaic.

It is important to know (!) This is a particularly great work, so it is important to enjoy it and watch it in reality. We believe that it is not easy to take your eyes off it, because there is a show of powerful poetry and art in it.

Delivery time: up to 30 days due to the complexity of the manual work and the rusting process, which takes time to mature the finished product, which ends with a lacquer coating. Each piece is custom made to order.


Width 100 cm Height 165 cm | Width 39.3 inches Height 64.5  inches