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A mesmerizing and full of inner manifesto of a woman and a dress.

A combination of materials and textures, different art currents that create a unique mosaic.

On the one hand a figurative technique of nude silhouette and on the other hand the second part of the work, consisting of a geometric display of semicircles combined with luxurious gold tiles on top of the dress. The work is made in the technique of bending and moving away from the wall, which creates three dimensions and games of light and shadow.

Behind some of the most aesthetic works lies a painful truth. To this work called
MOON DRESS We have instilled a spirit of compassion and enlightenment. The implicit nudity symbolizes the experience that in fact, we are all children walking around in the guise of adults carrying with them pains and experiences, memories and emotions.
In the dialogue between the two materials - iron and gold, lies the eternal combination of glyphs, wind and matter.
Iron is the body, the earthly, the real, while the golden moons symbolize the love in our lives, the celestial bodies, our enlightened aspirations, to which we look up, reach out to the light out of the darkness.

The muse of creation is the story of Hanaleh and the Sabbath dress. The ancient tale tells of the girl who helps an elderly man carrying a sack of coals. After she finds out that the pure dress has been stained she sits down on the side of the road and cries. Only the moon hears the girl and sees the tears, and it is he who in his good rays cleanses the dress and sends her home happy. It's not just a children's fairy tale, it's a symbol of search, longing, correction. When Meirav stood in front of the scribble of MOON DRESS she asked

 Pour this message into the story she seeks to tell. Longing for luminous moons not only within the dress, but in our daily lives. This is also my first and only work in which a silhouette of a naked woman appears.

And this nudity is not just erotic - it is our mental, childish nudity. Is our constant need for coverage. Just before the end, right at the end, when Meirav is excited about the exposure and personal expression she also added Papillon. (Papillon) It is not her intense affection for its beauty, but the connection between the two parts of the work, the Miss and the Dress, the Woman and the Dream. The connection between the material world and the spirit, between us here on earth and the moon. And this is mainly the connection between the house of art and the person who chooses it for his home. And it has a delicate butterfly, hovering between the dreams we all share.


Width 76 cm Height  102 cm | Width 29.9  inches Height  40.5 inches