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A creation consisting of two Israeli natural details with a strong symbolism that gives a dominant presence to the space.

First: Chestnut in autumnal bloom. Lemongrass is a wild wild plant with extremely strong roots - capable of scoring rocks - it is a local symbol of the strength of nature and man and of course of upright beauty and a harbinger of life and renewal.

The pinecone is an icon with an ancient pagan meaning that simulates the opening and development of nature as well as the connection between body and spirit.

For this creation  we used photographs of quarry and pinecone that were translated to create a mesmerizing three-dimensional metal, which retains all the figurative and authentic details and is made of iron with a special thickness, cut and painted matte black.

Squill - Width: 38 cm Height: 51 cm | 14.9 inches Height: 20 inches

Pinecone - Width: 33 cm Height: 36 cm | 13.9 inches Height: 14.1 inches