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This work draws initial inspiration from Rorschach, who devised a method of psychological decipherment of the mind in the test of ink stains.

The piece is completely abstract, almost random.

The ink stains that have become in this work an iron art, almost touching on what essence, the sharp-eyed in observation will recognize within it one of the great symbols of.

The center of the work is the abstract presence that draws inspiration from our psyche.

Everyone can see in them infinite interpretations, as the human soul, a rising spring.

A luxurious work full of minimalism saturated with character which is a showcase to ourselves.

The pair of works radiate nobility, art and poetics in which everyone finds himself.

And now, the piece is up to you. A work without meaning is not a work in the eyes of Meirav, this work, for the almost first time, is abstract and full of strong black spots, subject to interpretation.

The pair of works together bring together two worlds and create a twist. This piece can be purchased in pairs, or individually. The price that appears at the top of the work is for one work.

גודל : 130X86ס"מ לכל יצירה


Width  86 cm Height  130 cm | Width 33.8 inches Height 51.8  inches