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Iron seagulls in the ONE-LINE bending technique are full of power, abstract and figurative - in different flight modes - which give the space a three-dimensional feeling, levitation and freedom.

The preoccupation with the bird motif is one of the most prominent in our art house. This, out of a deep connection to everything they symbolize: a longing for freedom, elation and daring - and of course a sense of belonging and love.

The seagulls are painted matte black and their hanging is done using small and invisible nails.

In a pair or in a trio, this work gives the space a value of power and turns any wall into a wall of power.


70 * 26 cm  | 27.5 * 10.2 inches

60 * 40 cm  | 23.6 * 15.7 inches

71 * 40 cm  | 27.9 * 15.7 inches