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A pair of mesmerizing and powerful sculptures.

The sculptures combine diverse post-modern sources of inspiration.

Together, they create works that express a person's being more whole when he is surrounded by love.

In these sculptures lies a mindset about the differences between a man and a woman. Many of Glyphs's works deal with the human connection. Love is the hidden and overt motive for works.

In these two new sculptures, there is a worldview of man and woman as we feel them in our minds.

When the two are facing each other, they become one, in a perfect relationship, which most harmoniously embodies the way they lean and need each other. The famous "power-couple", to which Glyphs' swork always returns, our souls are connected to each other to the creation of something else, common.

*The price is for a pair.


25 * 31 cm | 9.8 * 12.2 inches