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A work belonging to the MATERIALS series is a combination of breathtaking materials and fascinating art. We are the house of Glyphs, and we are proud that this wonderful work is a kind of record of all the arches that preceded it in our work, and not only a piece of eternity as visual art, but also a piece of my private soul. , She's yours. Do you believe that you can see a rainbow at home every day? And reality surpasses all imagination. A pair of mesmerizing works that combine iridescent shapes and beautiful dialogue. The arches are both a distinct architectural motif and as a metaphor that expresses the peace, calm and beautiful colors of the rainbow after the flood and storm. A magical combination of metal and Plexiglas in the colors of light and sea.

And a mouth that does not need words. After the rain, after the flood, it always comes.

A work full of beauty and optimism in beautiful powder colors. The works can be purchased separately or together. Each piece is an arc that stands intact on its own, but of course together on a transverse power wall they transcend themselves, immense, full of impression and embroider the story of the house. The choice is yours and according to your space. This is a work that seeks to say that in life you can choose both - the moments of peace, tranquility in freedom as long as the infinite power that is together, in love, in a couple. Falcon, powder)

84 * 111 cm.


Width 84 cm Height 111 cm | Width 33 inches Height  43  inches