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The maze. An iron creation that symbolizes and looks like a maze, a path, a journey

The maze is the story of us all

Despite the winding paths, difficulties and failures, successes and achievements, loves and separations, unforgettable moments and those we want to forget but can not, walking in the maze of life, is the journey given to us only once, in life - life in this world.

Meirav writes: "I see life as a journey that is very much like a maze, with many paths in which we try to draw our own paths and find ourselves, our people and the meaning of each of us. But we were not born with Wise software that signals us where to turn and notifies when we reach our destination. Walking in the maze of life is driven by the things that each of us has been blessed with - passion, reason, intuition and heart. And there are times when we run into walls, and sometimes we feel like we're with our head against the wall and we've made a mistake. Then we need, at intersections, to recalculate a route and start from another place.

The beauty is, that there is no one goal or one truth other than ours.

The materials from which the work is made are the powerful iron whose form here is not uniform because such is life.

Amorphous formality expresses the individualism of each of us. The colors the different streams of personality, which exist in doses vary according to the personality with which we were born and according to the period. The element of fire, the element of water and the element of earth.

This piece can stand alone or in a couple, because each one and his story and the most beautiful that the mazes of life meet.

It is a one-time creation just as each of us is unique and special. And it comes in pairs, because it's easier and enveloping, when two people, become one journey, together and alone. 'Day and night all the time in one lane is not marked for myself Ne'eman / Ehud Manor

 And life, it only happens once.

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150*82 cm |  41.3*32.2 inches