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A pair of images of works with a fascinating, minimalist formal composition alongside presence and drama.

Ask us why we called this work so?

When you look at the works, the answer will become clear on its own against the background of the powerful white and black.

Life is never on the plain. If one thing can be certain without any doubts about life, it is that they are not static. Always in motion, always changing and there are always surprises we did not anticipate.

Why? Because we are human beings. Sometimes we are up, at the peak, sometimes down, modestly and humbly understanding the essence of our humanity, even the fragility. And that's the beauty. sometimes. Everything sometimes. Nothing is permanent and do us a favor, even for those who do not have this wonderful work in the house that will remind them of essence, beyond beauty, the next time something turns over, or happens, or when you are down and everything looks black - remember it is temporary. And we are much more than that. We are up, and down, we are alive.

Yes. The pair of these works have life, have beauty and beyond that went a spirit.

And the minimalist composition reminds us in a presence and drama that sometimes, it's all a matter of perspective.

Finishes: Iron with bending to create distance and levitation from the wall

Black coloring - matte

* You can also purchase a single image.

As a couple they fit over a sofa or large spaces.


66 * 85 cm | 25.9 * 33.4 inches