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3 works that are one show of perfect harmony and correspond in a mesmerizing composition.

The leaves that seem to fall out of the window, or out of their branches, are perfect because of their imperfection, shaped by the theory of "Wabi Sabi" which is the essence of Japanese aesthetics and just like us -beauties of imperfect, incomplete things, as nature teaches us.

This work is characterized by the fact that the trio manages to create a perfect set of connection between one another and its beauty is evident to the eye in the mosaic it creates. It should be said: although each stands on its own, about three of them transcend themselves mainly in the three-dimensional effect and the play of light and shadow create a spectacular show on our wall.

This is not new - Studio Glyphs is connected in the main artery and draws endless inspiration from nature and human aesthetics. Here we have brought to art lovers a unique and spectacular stream of beautiful urban houseplants which are painted in iron volumes of brushstrokes.


A- 50*52 cm | 19.6* 20.4 inches

B- 40*52 cm | 15.7* 20.4 inches

C-40*48 cm | 15.7* 18.8 inches