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Three unique images about the female silhouette. On the one hand, the creation convey concrete, but at the same time are abstract, give a combination of geometric elements that draw their motifs from the world of design, fashion and everything in between.

The three images create language and power in their combination and each on its own.

It is an inspiration that is all poetry and praise for femininity, power versus softness, and dominant personal lines.

Behind the work is a desire to express a periodic mood, of female liberation, daring, and of the close connection between aesthetics and style as a tool for inner expression. Between fashion and statement.

The pictures are made of laser-cut metal in black and using a special embossing technique they get a mesmerizing three-dimensional look on the wall.

The price is for trio.

Right photo - 30*60 cm  Middle image - 42*48 cm Left picture - 37*55 cm |

Right photo- 11.8*23.6 inches Middle image- 16.5*18.8 inches Left picture 14.5*21.6 inches